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Review: Blackjack Boot Jack



We’ve tried many bootjacks over the years and none have lasted as long as the Blackjack boot jack.

Blackjack Boot Jack
Photo Courtesy: Amazon

Motor officers, Troopers, Class A dress uniforms, or anyone else who wears tall field boots knows the struggle. Boots that feature mostly decorative laces transpire into two strains: getting them on and later off. Thus two necessities: boot hooks to put them on; a bootjack to take them off.

Even when marketed as deluxe or rugged, every wood bootjack we’ve come across has had the same problems. The forks are too narrow and wear on the boot, and eventually, they split on the grain with the daily use. Cast iron and other metal models are usually unnecessarily expensive.

Made of tough composite fiberglass, this jack is extremely durable while still offering just enough flexibility. To protect your boot, it’s also offered with neoprene or leather sleeves.

We found the neoprene sleeves need replacing every season, but it’s a small price to stave off damage to your boot. We didn’t test the leather, so it’s unclear if their stitching is more durable.

Check the current price with neoprene, with leather, or without.

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